BOOK REVIEW: King’s Cage (Red Queen #3)


  • Title: King’s Cage
  • Author: Victoria Aveyard
  • Reading Status: February 12-April 11, 2017


WARNING: This review may contain spoilers. 


King’s Cage is the third book of Victoria Aveyard’s best-selling Red Queen series and it is one of the most awaited books last February.

I must say, King’s Cage gave me a total shock. I’ve been very excited to read this book because I’ve been rooting for Maven and Mare’s love story since the Red Queen. I was eager to know what were his plans for Mare, for Norta, for Scarlet Guard, and for Cal. I already have a lot of hope before I read this book.  These were: for Maven to redeem himself from being the monster his dead and evil mother had made him to be; to prove to Mare and Cal that he is not really a monster; it will satisfy my fascination about Maven and Mare’s love story; and lastly, Norta will have the taste of peace without division of blood and houses.

I honestly grew tired of Mare’s torture and trauma because she simply doesn’t deserve it! And she seemed quite matured in this book because she can finally control her temper and anger. It was a major transition of her character despite having a broken soul and shattered hopes (thank you, Victoria!). I admire her strong determination and honest perception around her. I also love the part where two men in Mare’s life have found friendship with each other. But for me, Cal, a mere Silver prince who can’t stand firm with his decisions, is still an idiot. (sorry Cal lovers!)

I admit, at some point in the story, I was confused and delighted at the same time because of the additional characters. Because of them, I have finally seen the different point of views aside from Mare. Although I can sense some Shatter Me Series effect from this book (specifically Maven as Warner and Mare as Juliette), Victoria Aveyard exemplifies the main characters strong and good.

Yes indeed, the ending broke my heart. But I’m still hoping for the best in the next book. Let me know what you think about this book through the comment section below.  🙂


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