My Life-Long Bucketlist


🚫 finish a college degree

⭕️ get my dream body before & after marriage

⭕️ stargaze on a rooftop

⭕️ pass the Civil Engineering board exam & get my professional license

⭕️ pass the Master Plumber exam

⭕️ get a Masteral degree

⭕️ pass the Material Engineer exam by DPWH

⭕️ get a professional driver license

🚫 plant a mangrove tree

🚫 plant a tree

⭕️ be a famous blogger

⭕️ dip dye my hair

⭕️ take my parents on their dream vacation

⭕️ own a small farm

⭕️ buy my first own condominium unit/flat

⭕️ build my dream vacation house

⭕️ make a snow angel

⭕️ go and watch a Broadway show

⭕️ be a vegetarian for a week

⭕️ learn how to confidently walk in high heels

⭕️ complete a year-long journal

⭕️ complete a year-long scrapbook

⭕️ go on a yacht vacation

⭕️ own a Range Rover

🚫 get a henna tattoo

⭕️ start my own family

⭕️ own cute training clothes

⭕️ have my mother, father, and sister help me to choose my wedding gown

⭕️ take my parents somewhere they’ve never been (all expenses are shouldered by me)

⭕️ own a Louboutin shoes

⭕️ complete a DIY

⭕️ enjoy life more

⭕️ study abroad

⭕️ decorate my sweaters

⭕️ become girlier

⭕️ create a family recipe that will last forever in future generations

⭕️ own an iPad and iTouch

⭕️ own a MacBook

⭕️ live a relaxed life

⭕️ be a morning person

⭕️ have a nice butt

🚫 own lots of Forever 21 clothes

🚫 own a professional camera

⭕️ have my both cartilage pierced

⭕️ own a Tiffany & Co. jewelry

⭕️ be an ambassador of UNICEF

⭕️ have my artwork featured in a gallery

⭕️ get highlights

⭕️ release a paper lantern

⭕️ have a flat stomach

⭕️ feel comfortable enough to wear a bikini

⭕️ donate blood in Red Cross

⭕️ buy a car

⭕️ own a Polaroid camera

⭕️ own an Instax camera

🚫 win a raffle

⭕️ fly first class

⭕️ cross out everything on my bucket list


⭕️ Hangul (South Korean language)

⭕️ Japanese

⭕️ French

⭕️ Spanish

⭕️ Italian


⭕️ painting

⭕️ how to make a perfect braids

⭕️ design a dress/gown

⭕️ bake rainbow cupcakes

⭕️ bake a rainbow cake

⭕️ how to perfect a brewed coffee

⭕️ how to make a latte art

⭕️ how to apply a legit make up 

⭕️ piano

🚫 guitar

⭕️ ukelele

⭕️ self-defense

⭕️ shoot a gun


⭕️ boxing

⭕️ swimming

⭕️ archery

⭕️ racing

⭕️ surfing

⭕️ snowboarding

⭕️ ice skating


⭕️ try water rafting

⭕️ water/ocean park

⭕️ go on a water roller coaster

⭕️ ride on a banana boat

🚫 zipline over the ocean/sea

⭕️ go cliff jumping

⭕️ outdoor skydive

⭕️ indoor skydive

⭕️ bungee jumping

⭕️ chairlifts 


⭕️ own tons of books

⭕️ have my own library at home

⭕️ read all the books on my shelf

⭕️ read a favorite book at the beach

⭕️ read all Harry Potter books

⭕️ read all Game of Thrones books


⭕️ join a paint war

🚫 join a Color Run

⭕️ play beer pong with friends

⭕️ play Quidditch pong with friends

🚫 get on well with a teacher

⭕️ go to a Halloween party

🚫 join a cheering squad/team


⭕️ own an EXO lightstick

⭕️ own an EXO album

⭕️ complete all the EXO albums

⭕️ own an official EXO merch

⭕️ have giveaways for EXOLS

⭕️ meet all the members of EXO and take a selfie with them


⭕️ have a Chick-lit movie marathon 

⭕️ have a Nicholas Sparks movie marathon

⭕️ have a Disney movie marathon

⭕️ have a Harry Potter movie marathon

⭕️ cook dinner for my parents and make them proud of it

⭕️ have a tall and beautiful Christmas tree at home

⭕️ have my dream kitchen

⭕️ take a bubble bath with candle lights beside

⭕️ have my own room

⭕️ be the interior designer of my own home

⭕️ have a walk-in closet


⭕️ visit Juliet’s house in Verona

⭕️ visit the Igloo village

⭕️ visit Batanes

⭕️ visit Romania

⭕️ see the Northern lights

⭕️ visit Iceland

⭕️ eat pasta and pizza in Italy

⭕️ visit Disneyland in Hong Kong with my family

⭕️ visit King’s Cross Station and go to Platform 9 & 3/4

⭕️ visit SM Entertainment & Cafe

⭕️ visit South Korea

⭕️ visit Fiji

⭕️ visit Maldives

⭕️ visit Athens

⭕️  visit Singapore

⭕️ visit Rome

⭕️ visit Las Vegas

⭕️ stay at an underwater hotel in Fiji

⭕️ visit Hawaii

⭕️ visit and go shopping in Paris with my family

⭕️ make a wish at the Trevi fountain

⭕️ visit the tunnel of love

⭕️ visit Washington DC

⭕️ visit Japan and walk in a park with cherry blossoms

⭕️ go on a Disney cruise

⭕️ visit Amsterdam

⭕️ visit Rio de Janeiro

⭕️ visit Dubai

⭕️ visit India

⭕️ visit Venice

⭕️ visit London

⭕️ ride a double-decker bus in London and Hong Kong

⭕️ ride the London Eye

⭕️ visit and spend time volunteering in Africa

⭕️ visit Argentina

⭕️ visit Bora Bora

⭕️ visit Sydney

⭕️ take my future kids to Disneyland

⭕️ travel abroad with my family (any out-of-the-country trips)

⭕️ stay at a 5-star hotel

⭕️ celebrate New Years at Disneyland

⭕️ visit Pixar studios

⭕️ visit Yexel’s Museum

⭕️ visit Macau

⭕️ visit Petra

⭕️ visit Great Pyramid of Giza

⭕️ travel to all 7 continents


⭕️ go on a coffee date

⭕️ ride on a hot air balloon with the love of my life

⭕️ cuddle date on a rainy day

⭕️ watch a sunset at the beach

⭕️ jogging and biking date

⭕️ ice cream date

⭕️ breakfast date

⭕️ road trip date

⭕️ a romantic date under the stars

🚫 have my New Year’s kiss

⭕️ drive-in movie date


⭕️ meet Doh Kyung Soo (EXO D.O.)

⭕️ meet Zhang Yixing (EXO Lay)

⭕️ meet Kim Min Seok (EXO Xiumin)

⭕️ meet Kim Jun Myeon (EXO Suho)

⭕️ meet Park Chan Yeol (EXO Chanyeol)

⭕️ meet Byun Baek Hyun (EXO Baekhyun)

⭕️ meet Oh Sehun (EXO Sehun)

⭕️ meet Kim Jong In  (EXO Kai)

⭕️ meet Kim Jong Dae (EXO Chen)

⭕️ meet Maine Mendoza

⭕️ meet Miley Cyrus

⭕️ meet Tahereh Mafi 

⭕️ meet Kiera Cass 

⭕️ meet John Green

⭕️ meet Veronica Roth

⭕️ meet Bruno Mars

⭕️ meet Ariana Grande


⭕️ EXO concerts

⭕️ Bruno Mars

⭕️ Shakira

⭕️ Ariana Grande

⭕️ Coldplay


I’ll edit and add more anytime.. 🙂





REVIEW: FIREBOLT (The Dragonian #1) by Adrienne Woods


Title: Firebolt (Dragonian Series #1)

Author: Adrienne Woods

Reading Status: January 21-27, 2018


Rating: 2/5

WARNING: This review may contain spoilers. 


I rated it 3 stars in Goodreads but here in this review, I rated it 2 stars since the rating of this book was based on my review policy. The first few pages really pulled me deeper into the story because the scenes were so intense! Imagine you are Elena and you don’t believe in fairytales then right there everything about dragons and magic unfolds in front of your eyes! It was really interesting and of course, dragons!!!

But then in the succeeding parts where Paegeia happened, it went downhill. I got confused when she woke up in Paegeia without questioning who killed his father and why the dragons killed him. Maybe the next book might enlighten me on the reason why his father did that and why they are being chased by dragons (I hope so).

The love story between Elena and Lucian seems so rushed. I must admit that I skipped some of their “sweet” conversations because it is boring and bland. I can’t feel the connection between them and for me, Lucian is too good to be true. I had that weird feeling about him hiding too many secrets which are not good and a part of me hates Elena for complaining too much just because it is hard.

There is also a sudden shift in her character which I noticed – for being a crybaby into being brave and fearless all of a sudden which really made me confused but even though I was confused most of the time, I tried so hard to understand her character because she’s only sixteen. Is it just me or there is really something wrong with the writing style? This book could’ve been great.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed some scenes and parts of Firebolt which is a positive basis for me to read the next series.

Let me know what you think about this book by posting your comments below. 🙂