• Title: Ugly Love
  • Author: Colleen Hoover
  • Reading Status: April 19-April 27, 2017


WARNING: This review may contain spoilers. 


This is the second book I’ve read from Colleen Hoover. The first one was Confess. So, just like before, I have high hopes for this book because I loved the Confess and we all know that Colleen Hoover is so damn good! But these are my thoughts about Ugly Love.

Okay, I admit. At the first chapter, it got me laughing already! I don’t know why but I think the conversation between Tate and Cap was funny. Then after a while, I got this question mark hanging on top of my head saying “Is Miles really that attractive?”. But as I went on in the story, yeah, maybe Miles is really that attractive. I just can’t feel it yet.

I love the brotherly love and possessiveness of Corbin because who wouldn’t love to have a brother like that? (maybe it’s just me haha). 

If I had a superpower, it would be infiltration. I would infiltrate his mind so I could see every single one of his thoughts.

I would infiltrate his heart and spread myself around like a virus.

I would call myself the Infiltrator.

I would love to call myself that too, Tate. Haha.

“What if he turns out to be gay?” Rachel asks me. “Would that bother you?”

“It would only bother me if he felt like he couldn’t talk to us about it. I want him to know he can talk to us about anything.”

This is the part where I loved Miles. This kind of maturity is not so common to men at his age and I loved him for that!

One of the things that I hate about this is I don’t feel the connection between Tate and Miles. Yes, they have sex all the time because that was what they have agreed upon but I really don’t feel the connection between them. I feel so detached from their story and all I could think of was Rachel and Miles and not Tate and Miles. And I’ve got so many things that are running through my mind while reading the ‘six years earlier’ from Miles POV. Is that really heartbreaking to have caused him never to love again? I’ve always wondered what made him shut off from love and I’ve got what I’m looking for in the several chapters before the ending.

Sorry but I just can’t feel Miles’ pain because all I could feel was Tate’s pain. I know they both don’t deserve that pain but I felt so horrible because of Tate’s situation. No woman should feel that she is objectified by a man who doesn’t know what he truly wants. And it made me sad because she’s doing it out of love.

The thing I’ve learned from this is just like what I’ve learned from The Problem With Forever. Our past is a huge part of ourselves and it’s up to us if we will let our painful past to destroy our present and future rather than using it as a lesson and an inspiration. And sometimes, a proper closure is the only thing we need… for us to move on.

Nevertheless, I love the ending and it made me lessen my bitterness towards Miles. Haha. Sorry, Colleen. I still love you though. 🙂