Who would have thought that we would end up together when we aren’t even each other’s type/ideal partners?

We fell in love at a young age thinking that everything was perfect and easy, then we fought and hurt each other, we threw words like knives intended to rip each other’s feelings, we struggled and doubted each other, we forgot about the good things and good memories, we got lost and wandered into other people’s lives seeking for a cure to mend our pain, but eventually, we found our way back into each other’s arms. It wasn’t easy. None of these were easy, but we survived.

Thank you for being so understanding and patient with me whenever I couldn’t figure out myself. Thank you for not spoiling me with material things and for respecting my every yes and no. Thank you for always saying the words I need to hear and not the words I want to hear… and I’m sorry for being so stubborn & selfish most of the time.

I know there were times that you really wanted to strangle me because of my topak but I just want you to know that I appreciate you and your efforts just to be with me (plus 💯 pogi points 🤗😉😂). I may not be the best partner/girlfriend/bestfriend out there, trust me, I’m trying.

I want you to be always happy. So, let’s be happy together for another decade, yes? Happy anniversary! Je t’aime! 💖


Christmas Gift


“I took my time, running my fingers along the spine of books, stopping to pull a title from the shelf and inspect it. A sense of well-being flowed through me as I circled the ground floor. It was better than meditation or a new pair of shoes- or even chocolate. My life was a disaster, but there were still books. Lots and lots of books. A refuge. A solace. Each one offering the possibility of a new beginning.” – Beth Pattillo

Thank you mahal ko.