To You, My Future Husband

dear future.jpg


Dear Future Husband,

Hi, Love!

As I’m writing this,  the thought of us living together for the rest of our lives excites every bit of me.

I want to start off by saying thank you. Thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for loving me for who and what I am in every way. I know by the time you’re reading this, you are already immune from my craziness. I want to thank you for that, for understanding me every time I’d go crazy over silly stuff and for still loving me after seeing me that way. Thank you for always sticking by my side and for being my partner in life.

Next, I’m sorry. Sorry for the times I’m very hard to understand. I know I’m not easy to love, but you’re still there beside me.  I’m sorry for being jealous sometimes and for getting selfish of you whenever I sense something flirty with some women around you. It’s not that I don’t trust you, I just can’t control it because I love you so much. Sorry for being a hard-headed woman and for always wanting things to end up the way I wanted.

So, to you my future husband, whom I’ll spend the rest of my life with and whom I’ll promise eternity in front of God, take time and always remember these things:

1.) I’m not good at cooking.  But for you, I will do my best to learn your favorite dishes. Don’t curse me if ever the food I cooked for you taste bad. Just be patient with me. Please do the honor of becoming my very own Gordon Ramsay as I take my cooking lessons just for you and our little mini MEs.

2.) I’m clingy. No need to explain this. You love me so accept it. HA-HA.

3.) I’m distant sometimes. Every time I do this, just hug me.

4.) I’m possessive. This explains my jealousy over flirt women b*tching around you.

5.) I’m not very expressive when it comes to showing my affection to you. But I can write a love song just for you.

6.) I’m a good listener. So whenever you feel lonely, always know that I am there to listen to all your worries and fears.

7.) I don’t eat the sisiw of balot. I just don’t. You can force me to eat isaw but NOT the sisiw of balot. So please don’t force me because I might punch you and break your nose.

8.) I’m demanding. Just like in number 2, you love me so accept it.

9.) I’m sensitive. I want you to know that even small things and words can hurt me. So please be careful. Don’t worry, a simple & sincere I Love You from you can cure it.

10.) I’m not perfect. My face and body have flaws. I’m not everybody’s dream girl and my face can’t launch a thousand ships.

11.) In spite of these negative things about me, I can love you FAITHFULLY.

Thank you for taking time in reading this. I LOVE YOU, ALWAYS.


Lovingly Yours,