Almost There



It seems like I’m so close yet so far to where I want to be. With all those dark tunnels and rough roads of life I’ve been through, I know I will get there soon.

Someday I will finally say to myself, “I am so proud of you for not giving up in the middle of this roller coaster journey. I am so proud of you for finishing what you’ve started. Way to go girl!”


Hello, 2018!

I started my year with a baggage. But why do I feel so empty at the same time? Okay pa nung Christmas e, tanggap ko pa. Pero ngayong New Year’s Eve ganito na naman. Seriously, I can’t even remember when was the last time that we were complete in celebrating such important events. I may have understood it before, but right now all I can say is, I’m so fed up. Kelan ba ko masasanay?

Haaaay. Just the start of the year and here I am, writing negative things. Sorry but I can’t help it. I just need something to vent my frustrations out or else I’m going to lose my mind. Help;