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My reviews and ratings are purely based on my honest feelings and opinion towards the book. My reviews are not meant to discourage you because we might not have the same preferences regarding the specific book. Comments and suggestions are highly appreciated because it will help me improve in many aspects. So feel free to leave your comments on my reviews. I hope that my reviews will help you find your next book hauls. 🙂


I love this book! It made me cry, laugh, held my breath, or maybe I went through mixed emotions. This book has a strong impact on me. It was definitely hard to forget and I highly recommend it to you. Talk about book hangover!



I like this book! Same with books that were rated 5 stars, except that at some point I was confused with the conversations of some characters or with the flow of the story. This book has minimal parts/characters to improve. Nevertheless, this book is still good to read!



I enjoyed this book! Though I found it common and cliche. The flow and sequence of the story were interesting even though most of it was predictable but still enjoyable to read! I recommend this book for light reading.



Just fine, I think! I thought it was good and very interesting but it did not really reach my expectations. Some of the characters and events were not executed very well. Nevertheless, I enjoyed some parts of the story.



It was an interesting book but not my cup of tea! I found it boring and disappointing at some point. I finished reading this book for a long period of time because of only one reason: I put it down often. Nevertheless, I am not discouraging you from reading this because it might be your cup of tea!



I was disappointed and I forced myself to finish this book. It wasn’t worth the time but I did finish it because I don’t want to have an unfinished business with a book. Not recommended.